And how do I make it work better, more consistently, and more predictably?

The Master of Advertising Effectiveness is a six-week online programme that equips marketing and advertising professionals with a complete understanding of the evidence-based principles of advertising effectiveness and how to apply them to make advertising that creates consistently better commercial results.

The Programme is:

Designed to equip professionals with a deep understanding of the fundamental and evidence-based principles of advertising effectiveness, enabling them to build their ability to consistently create highly effective advertising, and their confidence and influence in doing so.
For marketing professionals, agency planners, account management and creatives, marketing and advertising consultants and freelancers, and business leaders.
Delivered in ten modules, each exploring a core principle of advertising effectiveness in depth.
Evidence-based and teaches principles that have been developed by the world’s leading independent marketing science academics and researchers.
Delivered by James Hurman, an internationally recognized expert in and practitioner of advertising effectiveness.
Delivered flexibly via a combination of 30-minute video lessons and 1 hour live Zoom discussions with James, with an overall time commitment of around 12 hours.

“The content of this course is insanely valuable. Every marketer needs to do this course as it raises the bar on effectiveness across the board.”

Caroline Hugall, former Group Brand Strategy Director

Our next cohort begins May, 2024 and is filling fast.

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Learn about the 9 modules:

Module 1.

How advertising works

Module 2.

Investing for growth

Module 3.

Targeting for growth

Module 4.

Long and short

Module 5.

Building mental availability

Module 6.

Creativity and effectiveness

Module 7.

Creative commitment

Module 8.

Object setting, tracking and measurement

Module 9.

Applying the principles

Learn about the 10 modules:

May 2024
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